Friday, November 13, 2015

Homecoming {Recap}

Hello Loves!!

Last week was last homecoming as an undergrad. It also marked the 90th anniversary of homecoming at my school! So you could say it was a pretty big deal. Our theme was "For My City" so everything revolved around the wonderful city of Miami. I'm happy to say that we won our game and had a blast the entire week. Sadly all the festivities meant putting a hold on studying which left everything for this week, making it completely hectic! 

The day after opening ceremonies we had a day long service project, we did a beach clean up! At the beach we saw a mischievous raccoon steal some tortillas.

The early morning wake up call was totally worth it for this amazing view!! During the week we had homecoming King and Queen, tapping to a prestigious honor society on campus, OCheer, the homecoming concert, fireworks, a parade, and of course the boatburning!!   

Tradition dictates that if the mast of the boat falls before the boat sinks then we will win homecoming.... That's exactly what happened!!! 

My favorite part of the entire weekend was when one of my best friends decided to surprise us by actually coming back for homecoming. After crying and hugging her we finally got a cute picture. 

Here's the Homecoming Queen at the football game with me. We enjoyed one final round of the "Frat Field of Dreams" tailgate. 

She let me wear her crown making it hands down the most fun part! I really enjoyed my last homecoming. We cheered, sang, and chanted. We won the game, we cried, but most of all we had so much fun! I can't wait to be the crazy alum enjoyed many more homecomings!

How was your homecoming?