Friday, November 6, 2015

How To Get More Involved

Hello Loves,

As a senior in college, I have seen the importance and advantages of getting as involved as possible in campus activities. It is a great way to meet people, make friends, and find new things that interest you. Getting involved will also help you gain leadership experience and make the memories that make college the best four years.

one// How do I find clubs?
There are many ways to find clubs to join. All schools have involvement fair, go to those and actually stop and talk to the people tabling! You will never know what cool events and clubs they will have available. Another way to find clubs and events is to look at fliers. Your campus is probably papered with different clubs about different meetings, read the flier then go to a meeting! Facebook is also a great tool. Search for your school's student involvement division on facebook and you will get a lot of notifications of ways to get involved. Read your school's newsletters those also have opportunities to get involved. Last but not least talk to your RA. Your RA will have many ideas and suggestions of clubs or organizations to get involved in. Don't shy away! You will not be the only new person there.

two// Getting to know people
Going to club meetings alone means you have to start talking to the strangers in the room that also go to these meetings. The good part about it is that you already know you have at least one thing in common, that club. You never know who you will meeting by doing this! Go to your friend's club meetings with them and talk to new people. Make it a point to talk to new people.

three//On a whim
I can characterize most of my college career as "oh, I did it on a whim". There was no real rhyme or reason for a lot of the clubs or organizations that I joined. I joined them because they sounded interesting, because I made friends, and because what they do interests me. When you don't really know what a club or organization is all about, but you have a feeling that you would like it, GO FOR IT!! Follow your gut feelings!!

four//New things
In high school, we all have our set interests. We all have things that we did for whatever reason, but college is a great time to explore new interests. Join clubs or organizations that spark an interest in you, something that excites you! I know it can be hard to know what you like, so join as many as possible until you can narrow it down. Don't stay in your box, reach out! You never know what interest you might develop that you didn't even know you were interested in before.

five// Greek life
Greek life is not for everyone! I know I talk about it a lot (because I'm in a sorority), but I also know it is not for everyone. That being said I think everyone should give it a chance. You meet truly incredible people with a vast variety of interests that they will help you develop new interests. If it doesn't work drop before initiation, but stick with it as much as possible, because you can truly find your niche there.

six//time management
The most important part of college is studying but that doesn't mean we can't have a little fun too. Time management is very important in that aspect. Do not over stretch yourself because then you will not be able to give your all to organizations that mean a lot to you. You need to be able to enjoy your time and get studying done, do not over do it or you will not enjoy any part of college as much as you could!

How did you get involved?