Wednesday, November 18, 2015

How To Get Out Of A Funk {Mood Busters}

Hello Loves,

Lately I've kind of been in a huge funk, I cannot even get inspiration for blog posts. Between a super busy and hectic schedule and not having inspiration it's been hard to write posts! Then I figured why not come up with ways to get me out of the funk and boost my mood. I tried to come up with some ideas and activities that would help me boost my mood.

Work out// 
Going for a walk or a run is the perfect time for me to clear my head. I also really like throwing in some Zumba or yoga. Something about the working out that relieves stress, clears my head, and makes me feel productive

Go For A Drive//
Personally I hate driving, but when its sort of aimless with some music and the windows down just lets me let go and just clear my head. I especially enjoy it because it guarantees that I will be alone

Take a Shower//
Showers have this restorative energy to them. I always feel so much better after a shower.

Change Your Scenery//
If you're trying to be productive or not a change of scenery can really make a difference. Sometimes being in the same environment for too long can leave you unmotivated and discouraged. Going to a different place might just be the difference you need

I wish reading for fun was something I had more time for, but when I do make the time it makes my day so much better. It's a great way to just be in my own world for a while.

Clean Your Surroundings//
As my mom always says "messy room reflects a messy life" when I feel like my life is our of control cleaning up my room or surroundings really helps me clear my "messiness"

Watch A Movie//
I'm not a huge movie watcher but watching a movie or tv shows are a great way to clear your mind. Netflix is a great way to find shows to watch for a little while until you've cleared your mind and are ready to go back to work

Take A Nap//
Sometimes my funk is just extreme exhaustion. Nothing boosts my mood more than a refreshing and invigorating nap! Either do a 30 minute nap or throw in a full REM cycle with a 90 minute nap

Do Something You Love//
Whatever it is you love to do on your free time do that! Love blogging? cooking? reading? singing? go do it! Its guaranteed to help you feel better

Spend Time With Friends//
Hanging out with people and just enjoying yourself is a great way to boost your mood. Just being with people is an easy way to feel better. It may feel counterintuitive in the moment, but you'll feel great after

Make Plans//
It may be because I love my planner or I'm obsessed with organizing but knowing what I need to do and when in an organized fashion really helps me manage what I need to do

Make A New Playlist//
Music is a great way to change your mood. Go for your happiest songs and jam out. Head to spotify or make your own playlist.

Take Some Me Time//
Paint your nails, run some errands, do whatever it takes for you to focus on yourself. Taking me time ensures that you can really focus on what you are feeling and what your emotions are.

Write It Out//
I mean isn't that why I'm writing this? You don't necessarily need to have a diary, You can write it anywhere. I do have a journal. But writing out how you feel can be very therapeutic 

What do you normally do?