Monday, December 28, 2015

Adult Life Skills

Hello Loves,

Twenties are an important time to learn about ourselves, develop ourselves, and gain skills to use for the rest of our lives. It feels like a whirlwind of a decade where every year everything completely changes. It's crazy to think that in our 20s we graduate college, get a job, start a career, move to a new place (or back home), get in a relationship that might actually end in marriage. Our friends get engaged and married, some even start having kids! Everything changes so fast that if you don't slow down and enjoy it you might totally miss it. That being said there should be somethings we get down by the time we hit the big 3-0!

Keeping a calendar of your commitments// As we get older our brains get more crowded with things we need-- or want-- to remember!! Do yourself and those you made plans with a favor and start keeping a calendar that you actually look at regularly! I am personally a huge planner person so everything must be written down!

Timely gift-giving// Not a week later, certainly not a month later. Its hard to find that perfect gift so start that search earlier!! Show up to that party, housewarming, or whatever other gathering with your gift in hand.

Wrapping said gifts// Wrap that gift up. Throw a bow on it. Add a card. If you are wrapping impaired check out stores that offer complimentary gift wrapping or check out Pinterest and start practicing!

Making dinner reservations// Don't wait until that same day to make a reservation, all the good times will be gone. Keep an eye on approaching dates (check out the calendar) and sort everything out early. That way there will be no scrambling in the last minute.

Sending Thank You cards// No, texts and emails do not qualify. Crack open a set of blank thank you cards and a variety of stamps and send out cards. This is majorly adult.

Handling your health care// Prescriptions, doctor appointments, reimbursements. It can be a confusing, crazy system, but you are in charge now!! Scheduling your meetings and taking care of your finances means you have arrived to adulthood.

Remembering people's names// There is nothing nicer than someone remembering your name after meeting you once. It is truly impressive and a skill to cultivate. Try repeating their name back to them casually in the conversation, or remember it with a funny story. 

Tipping properly// Many different services require (or encourage) tips of different types. Its so important to get that down properly. Feeling confused as to who to tip what? Check out this list! Or see what Business Insider says

Saying "no"// No should be a statement. There should be no discussions, if, ands, or buts. It is important to be able to say no without feeling bad about it. You need to be able to take away the shoulds to focus on what really matters.

Taking care of your clothes// Iron the clothes that needs to be ironed. Dry clean the clothes that calls for it. Hang your clothes properly. It might take a little longer but it is completely worth it!

Being on time consistently// By this point in life you should know if you have a bad case  of the chronic tardiness (like me). This is not your crutch! Learn what it takes for you to be on time and practice it.

Having business cards in your wallet// Network, network, network!!! You never know who you will meet! Most of your opportunities will come from who you met.

Exercising self-control// This one can be difficult. While it is very fun to impulsively buy things or go out with friends and have that "one more drink" it can usually end up backfiring. Learn what behaviors you need to rein in a little and practice controlling those.

Keeping, and sticking to To-do lists// As a big to-do list fan, I find this one incredible important!! It is so necessary to get things done and it can help you be more productive.

Staying on budget// There are countless of finance apps out there. Find the one that works best for you, download it, and stick to it!! Budgeting is an incredibly important skill!!

Paying bills on time// This one is super important!! You actually have to pay extra money every time you pay late! This is important to add to your budget and planner.

Following through// Made plans? Offered your help? Don't be a flake! Follow through. Add it to your planner. Make sure not to overcommit yourself (say no) so you can be present and follow through.

Paying taxes on time// Taxes are difficult to navigate. But an amateur must start somewhere. Learn the basic terminology, make a schedule, and seek the necessary help before April 15.

Planning your financial future// Whether it is paying down student loans, setting up a retirement plan (401(k) anyone?), or just securing long term budgets for a wedding or buying a house. It is imperative that you are in charge of your finances. 

Taking care of small home projects// I'm not talking about intense home fixing projects, but hanging shelves or installing curtain rods should be totally manageable. Not only knowing how to do it but also knowing what tools to use!

Sticking to exercise that works for you// Exercise is so important. Not just for your body and health but for your mind. By now you have probably tried a wide variety of exercises to know which work for you and which you will never do.

Having the basics in your kitchen// Grocery shopping is the bane of my existence, but having a refrigerator filled with fruits and veggies and other basic foods in your pantry will ensure you actually have food to eat and you don't have to spend extra money on takeaway.

Basic culinary techniques// Knowing the basics around the kitchen is so important. This is not just for impressing guests or friend but for making delicious meals that you want to eat as well. So go practice and learn those basic techniques.

Impressing with signature dishes// Knowing a handful of dishes that work well in social gatherings, that are easy to make and versatile for different situations will come in handy! They don't have to be anything fancy, just reliably delicious. 

Be ready for last minute drop-in guests// Guest bedroom or not you should have all the necessary fixings to welcome a guest and make them feel comfortable in your home. Along with this is keeping your house relatively clean and presentable at all times. 

What do you have mastered?