Thursday, December 24, 2015

Noche Buena

Hello Loves!!

Noche Buena is the best time of the year. I completely enjoy the crazy family getting together, having dinner, and going to church before Santa gets here. We have our traditional Christmas dinner then hang out as our large, hispanic family does before midnight mass. Midnight mass is my favorite part of Christmas. It is the most wonderful mass of the entire year. Something about it being at midnight makes it more exciting.

Traditionally, we have Lechon. My dad starts cooking for a whole week before Christmas Dinner. Lechon with all the sides (except rice and beans because we do not eat that). This year we are having a turkey. It is a long story and while I normally look forward to having the lechon I'm very excited for the turkey. My dad has already been cooking for a while, along with all his cooking we have not stopped playing Christmas music since winter break began!! I cannot wait for everyone to come over to celebrate Christmas.

I have already wrapped up all my presents and put them under the tree. Its always so fun to see how the amount of gifts under the tree seem to multiple as the days go by. My mom is already upset that we got her so many gifts (she's modest like that). I'm so excited to see all their faces.

What do you do for Christmas?