Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Coconut Oil {Dry Elbows}

Hello Loves,

There are many uses for Coconut Oil and this one is probably the most important one for me! My elbows are always soooo dry. I don't really know why they're always dry or if its a normal thing that occurs, but it happens to me so when I found out that coconut oil could be used to alleviate my "condition" I had to try it out. So far I must say, I am not disappointed in anything that coconut oil has to offer! It has delivered in everything and more. It really is a multipurpose, solution to everything!

Elbows are the hardest places to keep soft. By rubbing some coconut oil onto them each morning and night it helps them stay soft. For a while in the beginning-- and I do mean a couple of weeks-- your elbows will feel a little slippery until your skin softens enough to actually start absorbing the moisture from the oil. You'll need to find your happy medium for absorption and no slipperiness (this is the weirdest sentence I've ever written!)

How do you use coconut oil?