Friday, January 15, 2016

Easy Way To Keep Up With The News

Hello Loves!!

I have the hardest time keeping up with the news! Sometimes I don't like keeping up because it seems like everything is horrible and there is just so much thrown at you at one time. But I do realize how important it is to stay up to date with major events happening around me. That is why for New Years I decided that I wanted to keep up with the news.

It is increasingly important to stay up to date with the things that are happening around you, especially since it is an election year this year!! It is particularly difficult as a college student since you are being pulled in every which direction and have very little time for everything, but like all important things we must make time for them.

I've talked to several friends to see how they keep up with the news. My sister subscribes to the Skimm so do a bunch of my other friends. I know a couple of people that subscribe to different news channels or like me have different apps that have the notifications with breaking news.

theSkimm// a lot of my friends are signed up for this one. Its really great because it sends you an email summary at 6am. This is a great option to quickly catch up on your daily news. They always have the funniest subject lines.

Quartz// This one is pretty similar to Skimm except it's more serious. It gives you the summary of what's going on by email. It focuses more on finance and money related current events. It also has some great links to other articles.

Need 2 Know// Similar to Skimm this one mixes humor with current events. Its great because it numbers off the current events with a small explanation underneath. Its also great because it covers a wide variety of current events from sports to technology to politics.

Tweetbot// This one is great for your phone. It is a customizable twitter. You can follow all sorts of news handles on your twitter and have them all in one tab that you can read when you want. This is helpful because they don't clog up your feed and they are updated regularly.

How do you keep up?