Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year!!

Hello Loves,

Another year, time for new resolutions and new outlook on life. New years always bring out the want for a blank slate, a new page, and trying to get better. We are looking forward to get a great new year under way. It is not always easy to keep these in mind when you are trying to get through the year. After some careful consideration I finally decided what I wanted to make my resolutions.

Its really hard to keep up with resolutions like "lose weight" and eventually we all stop even remembering what we made as our resolutions. I wanted to go more abstract in what my resolutions are without a specific "end goal" but more of a lifestyle change. I have many things on my 101 in 1001 days that are aligned with my lifestyle changes so I thought I'd take some of those as my resolutions. It was particularly difficult to choose resolutions this year because as a graduating college senior this year will bring a lot of changes in my life, with that being said here are my resolutions!

- To smile more
- To adventure more
- To share and give more
- Take more photos
- Send more letter
- Become more involved in my church
- Be more grateful
- Acknowledge and accept change
- Be more decisive
- Reach out to friends more regularly
- Be more productive
- Keep up with the news

These are all things that I want to work on for myself and for my life. This year will (hopefully) bring a lot of positive changes into my life and I want to grow along with them. Here's to graduating college, finding a job, traveling and adventuring more, and having a healthy and happy New Year!

Bring on 2016!!
What are you looking forward to this year?