Monday, January 4, 2016

How To Be More Productive

Hello Loves,

As the new year gets started, I think its a perfect time to really dig into our resolutions. It always happens, we make all these resolutions then three days later we forget everything and continue doing what we were before. I think we make resolutions because they are important to us. Its not just about changing who we are but making our lives better. Its hard because usually they are very broad subjects. One of my resolutions is to be more productive. I hope you all join me in attempting to make this year a very productive one!!

Cut out distractions//
Don't need your laptop or phone to study for something? Then don't bring them, put them away and do not touch them. Sometimes it is crucial to have them so put your phone on airplane mode and get an app to shut down the distracting websites so you don't accidentally end up on Facebook. Be aware of yourself and remove anything that deters from your studying.

Workout then study//
Studying after a long day of school or work is the last thing you want to do, it's exhausting and not usually fun. Working out is a great way to clear your head before diving into study mode. It also helps re-energize you so you don't need to be chugging coffee just to get through an assignment.

Make a prioritized To-do list and follow it//
 I LOOOOVE to do lists. They make me feel accomplished. Listing off your assignments in order of importance helps you allocate more energy and time to the higher priority assignments. This also allows you to mix in less important or time consuming tasks if you are feeling worn out after a particularly tasking assignment. Its nice to have them all in front of you.

Quit multitasking//
Not all together, just when you are trying to be productive. It is not possible to focus all your energy on being productive if you are being torn in a bunch of directions, and it will inevitable take longer. Limit yourself to one thing at a time so you feel like you're getting more done and you will actually accomplish more in less time.

Have a study snack//
People usually turn to coffee to help them power through the tedious schoolwork and while I do that too there are other ways that don't make us completely reliant on coffee. Healthy brain food can actually be more helpful to studying and being productive than just coffee.

Change your scenery//
While we all have our favorite study spots, it can sometimes bog us down. Just moving seats or going to a different place can completely change your outlook and help you refocus. I know during finals I was overwhelmed and just moving from my favorite seat to the patio outside I was able to relax and refocus.

Listen to classical music//
I hate studying in the quiet. Something about absolute silence agitates me more than it helps me study. Having quiet background music is so helpful! Not having words means you can tune it out no matter what you are studying or doing. I personally love the Pandora Ena station.

Time yourself//
Have you noticed that you are much more productive on a time schedule? So have I! Whenever I have a lot of things to do or I'm on a time schedule I am much more productive. Use this same tactic to your studying. Set a goal and time yourself. Then take a little break and start over!

Ready for a new, productive semester?
How are you more productive?