Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Last Spring Recruitment

Hello Loves,

This past week my sorority underwent recruitment. It was a crazy week from Sunday to Bid day. We had such a fun time. I really loved being involved in my last year of recruitment and leaving my legacy in terms of new members. I think they will be an amazing new class. Now my glittle is on the hunt for her own little so our little family can get a little bigger and more perfect. I'm so excited for what this semester will bring and all the fun times with my new sisters!!

Day 1: Kate Spade themed!! Picture yourself in Chi Omega

Day 2: Philanthropy. Make-A-Wish and all the other amazing things my sisters do

Day 3: Garden Party or family night. The whole room was an amazing flower garden

Pref night <3 p="">

Bid Day with my GLittle <3 p="">
Look at all these beautiful new Hooties

My two rush crushes went ChiO so you could say it was an amazing recruitment. I can't wait for Big Little week to see who joins my family. This was an amazing last recruitment and I know I couldn't have done it without my sisters and all their supporting words of encouragement especially on 3 hours of sleep most night.

Did you recruit?