Monday, January 18, 2016

Sticking To A Morning Routine

Hello Loves!

The way you start your day sets the tone for the entire day. Think about your days from snoozing seventy times to rushing around like a mad person, or laying in bed scrolling through facebook, instagram, emails, snaps, and even countless texts. That's basically me every morning and it's time for a change.

Many different people have been coming up with more ideas on how to fix morning routines so that they are more conducive to a happier day. I've been trying a couple of new things for the mornings. I am trying to up my morning game in 2016!

I am trying to cut out my phone all together. No emails. No social media. No texts. No calls. No Surfing. No Snapchatting,  It is incredibly hard. Its almost a full hour digital detox every morning. This way I can have breakfast, mediate, and get reading before diving into the digital, fasted paced day.

It is HARD. It's tremendously hard to turn off my alarm and see all the notifications pile up on my homescreen. Its so tempting to check Facebook and answer all the other things. I occasionally wonder if there's something urgent that needs my attention. But its slow and peaceful and its my time. Because there is never something that important. Not a single problem has arisen that cannot be taken care of at a later time.

If all of this sounds like (which it does to me), here are some ideas to get your routine started:

Ask yourself how you want to feel
In order to find the right ritual for you, you need to ask yourself  "how do I want my morning to feel?" It its currently crazed and stressful and you want to feel calm, add one thing into your morning that is soft and slow like hot tea on the couch or a stretch sequence by your bed. I personally love doing yoga in the morning. If you need to pump some strong energy into your day; try a 10 minute workout plan before hopping into the shower. Your morning sets your tone so figure out what you need each day.

Move your phone
I have been doing this for years and it has saved my sleep! Move it so that you're not scrolling until way too late. I put my phone on "do nut disturb" and forget it even exists. The great thing is that since its far I need to get out of bed in order to turn off the alarm I have to get out of bed so that I don't fall asleep again by accident.

Start small
It is really difficult to start making your routine, so don't expect it to come together magically in one go. For me it started by moving my phone away from me and I'm slowly trying to shape my routine from there. Some days are a bit speedier than other depending on whats going on which makes my routine feel a lot more fluid. When it comes to your golden morning routine that you can keep up, start small and build onto it.

What does your routine look like?