Friday, February 5, 2016

Big Little Crafting

Hello Loves!

Sorority Little Gift Ideas from a fellow Panhellenic sister at NKU! Follow her blog "Things College Students Love":

I am a senior so this upcoming week is my last Big Little Week or Revelation week. My GLittle is getting a little next week so as a fam we are helping her craft and plan for her perfect Little. I am so excited to see what she has planned and how amazing our family will be in about a little over a week!! She reveals next Friday so until then we will be crafting and planning until she reveals. My favorite part is that all our family traditions are being passed down. Just when my glittle thought she knew everything, she learns more things.

C-Cookie, candy, cupcakes, cake

So cute!!! Oreos & brown M&M;'s for eyes & an orange M&M; for the nose
These are tradition to make! They are so cute and actually how we got our fam name

My Owl Barn -- a website for owl lovers.  They also have a downloadable calendar every year.:

Big/Little - "Will you 'o-fish-ally' be my little?":

H- Handmedowns

Welcome to the family sorority plaque. $5.00, via Etsy.
Here is a little welcome for my gglittle from the Magic fam (this is just inspiration)

Bunting Sorority Name by CarolineCanvases on Etsy:

I- Insignia

Chi omega sorority America- flag canvas. Super happy with the way it turned out!:
my GLittle is obsessed with this one!

Chi Omega Skull Canvas

Wooden Chi Omega Stand Alone or Wall Decor by FarabyGreekBoutique, $6.99:

my badge box ~ XΩ • mu kappa! submitted by: Caroline:
This is another tradition. We all have a Tiffany's Pin Box

O- Owls

Owl coffee mug by sarahmarie28 on Etsy:
Making a mug is also a family tradition. this is the one I made my little

Owls are a Hoot 8in by 10 in on Canvas:

Big Lil  #DIY #Craft #Owls:
This is one is adorable!

There are so many other things that we all get for the newest addition to the family! Here I just wanted to show you all some inspirations for crafts to get together and make. It is always so fun to get together and craft. It's such a great bonding time. Handmedown day includes a lot of shirts and other ChiO memorabilia and Owl Day includes a lot of owl jewelry.

Happy Crafting