Friday, February 19, 2016

Formal Dresses

Hello Loves,

The other day a girl in my sorority reminded all of us that there are less than 50 days until formal. Now 50 days may not seem that far away but that is less than 2 months and time flies!! It wasn't until then that I remembered I NEED A DRESS!!!! Coincidentally it is also Prom season so it is a perfect time to get shopping! I started looking around.

There are somethings to keep in mind when you are shopping for a prom dress. 1. its longevity, i.e. will you be able to use it again? I know I've reused my prom dressed for formal and semi-formal now in college. 2. Mix it up. You don't have to get the traditional long dresses every time. Having a short dress for junior prom and a long one for senior prom will help you in the future. Then you can use the short dress for semi-formal and the long one for formal and what not.

The most important thing I can recommend, when buying dresses, is wear what makes you feel confident! Don't just buy things because they are popular or trendy if they don't make you feel comfortable and confident. This is your party, your fun, your memories!! You only get these events once!

I just picked a bunch of different dresses so they can be used as inspiration! You by no means have to get these exact dresses. I know shopping can be very expensive (I can't afford some of these dresses) but I find it helpful to have an idea of what I like when I'm out shopping.

What kind of dress will you be rocking?