Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Magic Fam Expands

Hello Loves,

Big Little week is finally over. We added two wonderful new littles to the mix. I am now a GGBig which means I am officially old and irrelevant. Reveal was Wizard of Oz themed which was super cute. The reveal was "T-shirt Twins and Sock Sisters" so we all got the same shirts and socks. To reveal, all the new bigs stood behind a green curtain where their socks were showing underneath. The Littles had to match up their socks with the big's socks. The curtain would be dropped and REVEAL! There was a lot of screaming involved and some girls even got tackled to the floor.

Our last stack before revealing the newest additions to our family!!

Obsessed with this picture of us!

Our whole family from my big (GGGBig) to the newest littles

After reveal was over we took a ton of pictures and went out to fam dinner. My big joined us, meeting her GGGLittles. We got pizza and then ice cream. We might adopt another fam into our family. She would be twins with my glittle giving me another gglittle! I'm very excited to see what's in store for my wonderful, magical fam this semester.