Friday, February 26, 2016

Night Time Skincare Routine

Hello Loves!!

I'm not good at keeping up routines, especially when it comes to the ones at night! I am normally too tired and its too late to go through the whole routine. Well now that I'm done with the excuses, I need to find the most effective and least time consuming way to get a good routine down. I was looking at different things that I can do to try to work on my skin. Being in college it is hugely important to work on these types of routines because this is the skin you carry for the rest of your life. That is why they consistently tell us that we have to wear sunscreen. So here's what I've got! Let me know what you do.

1.  I always start by taking off my eye make-up (when I wear it). It is always the hardest makeup to take off which is why you need to loosen it up first. The Almay Eye Make-Up Remover is very important because it already comes with cotton pads and it's perfect for waterproof makeup. It is also great for traveling.

2. Lush's Ultrabland is my all time favorite makeup remover. It takes a little time getting used to but once you do it will last a really long time. You just spread it all over your face and remove it with a warm towel. It leaves some oily residue that can be used as moisturizer.

3. Clearly I'm a big Lush fan. I started using Aqua Marina when it still came in clear plastic containers. It is awesome for soothing, balancing, and toning skin. It is great for red or easily irritated skin. I know I have really sensitive skin so this one is really helpful.

4. The last thing I do regularly is put on moisturizer. I like to use Aveeno because it is lightweight and easy on the skin which is nice for me.

5. It is not necessary to exfoliate every night, it is only necessary to use it once a week. I only use the Clean & Clear exfoliating once a week and usually when I'm taking a shower. I really like it and it's actually very effective.

6. The Nivea Lip Butter is my favorite. It is super smooth and thick which makes it last a really long time. I usually put it on before bed and it makes my lips super soft for a day. I just use it all the time!

7. For full body lotion, I like using the Vaseline Aloe Cream. It is really light cream which makes it feel like its not even there. I like putting it on my legs especially after shaving. It is really a great cream and perfect to put on before going to bed in those dry winter months.

What's in your night time routine?