Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Start Somewhere

Hello Loves,

So I just saw this post on another blogger's site and it struck a chord with me. Lately, school has been absolutely insane! There has been so much going on and it has been very overwhelming, with so much stuff to do all the time. Its part of college, at times you are being pulled in many different directions. I get pretty easily overwhelmed when I get pulled in so many directions. I want to get everything done and I want it to be perfect, but that is not always possible so instead of doing stuff I end up focusing too much on what I have yet to get done and what I don't have time to do. After seeing this picture it just spoke to me.

YES! Just do something. Even if its small, it gets the ball rolling. It helps you motivate. I am very happy that I saw my friend's post. I hope you all feel some motivation during those overwhelming times.