Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Building Your Resume

Hello Loves,

One of the biggest things about going to college or even graduating high school is having your resume put together. Putting together a resume is one of the most stressful things that you will have to do. The resume is basically the first thing all employers judge you by. It is the thing that has to make an impact! Leave that WOW! You want them to get the best impression of you.

** I am by no means an expert!! **

one// Keep it Specific
When describing your positions and experiences keep it specific. Don't write long prose, just specifically and detail what you did. Play up your strengths even if it's not specifically labeled "leadership". Use specific figures i.e. "managed 163 girls" when explaining what you did.

two// Play up your Strengths
Emphasize your strengths. Really show your skills. Don't just talk about it, but show it. Show your interests and skills. This will go by putting it first in your bullets, using the most powerful verbs, and being very specific. Tailor your resume to show your strengths in a specific job. If the job your are applying for looks for leadership look at the key terms in your resume to reflect that leadership.

three// Wordsmith-ing is key
Are you using the best words? Always start your statements with powerful action verbs. Make sure to vary your words. Try to be as specific as possible when you are describing your duties and use action verbs that will really leave an impact.

four// Personal Branding
Remember what you do and how you represent yourself all plays into your brand. Everything you say, post, write, think, act, and even dress all play into your personal brand. This is probably the most important aspect of your resume. You want YOU to shine through. You want to be consistent across all aspects of your brand from Facebook to Tumblr to LinkedIn. Remember you don't have to be "boring" on LinkedIn, while still showcasing your interests and ideas. For more creative jobs color schemes will also be important. Don't change who you are, enhance it and showcase it.

Good Luck!