Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Secrets of a Confident Person

Hello Loves!

I love meeting confident people. I wish I could say that I am always confident or that I know how to portray confidence, but I think if we all practice together we can make it happen! It is always great to meet confident people, because maybe a little bit of that magic will rub off on me. We just have to keep in mind that being confident does not mean that everything is perfect or has to be perfect, it just means that you are strong enough to see those imperfections and move past them. We can do this together!!

one// they have down days
Just because a person is confident does not mean that they don't have down days or that they don't feel low. Don't glorify a person's life just by what they portray. Remember they are people too, they have bad days, low days. The main difference is that they don't stay there for long. They acknowledge the bad day then move forward.

two// they take up space
Confident people expand. They take up a lot of space with their body, their voice, and their presence. This is something I have a lot of trouble with. They have energy that commands attention, that takes up room. Stand tall, Sit up. Don't slump. Take up that room. Eyes up. Chest out.

three// faking it until you become it
We don't all know everything, and when you're not feeling so hot sometimes you have to fake it. They go on stage anyway. They throw their hat in the ring anyway. Power pose until you feel better. They act like they are feeling better until their mind catches up with them.

four// they're not afraid to slow down
Slowing down, both in life and in speech can be life-changing. Slowing down your speech can really command a room. Speak loud, enounciate, and slow your fast-paced speaking. Slowing down your schedule is also life-changing. It allows you to relax your frantic, manic schedule and focus your attentions to things you really need.

five// they self (pep) talk
Sometimes your mind races and the negativity gets to your confidence, when that happens you need to slow down. Its always helpful to have a little mantra to repeat for yourself. Something that really captures the most helpful things for you. Something that motivates you.

six// they rarely "wing it"
Practice makes perfect. Or in this case practice makes confidence. The moral of the story is that confidence is a practiced skill. This is not something that just happens, it is something that has to be learned and fine tuned. Then you can use your skills when you need them most.

seven// they speak about things they know a lot about
Confident people don't know everything. Even if they sound like they know everything. They are just very aware of what they know and talk about it confidently. Those key topics are something they are vocal about. Be proud of your smarts, be proud of what you know. Speak up!

What are your confidence secrets?