Monday, April 18, 2016

6 Ways to Style Shoulder Length Hair

Hello Loves!

Not so long ago, I cut my hair so that it qualified to be considered a "long bob" or LOB or shoulder length hair. While I love cutting and experimenting with my hair I find myself at a complete and total loss when it comes to doing my hair when its short. Mind you I could complain for hours about my hair and hairstyles, I just have trouble spicing up my routine with short hair. I found myself just leaving my hair down or throwing it in a weird, pointy ponytail and in a horrible rut.

one// Soft Waves
The quickest and easiest way to change up your hair is by adding some soft messy waves. Using a curling wand and if your hair is like mine, a lot of hairspray makes the perfect texture for your bob.

The best thing about the soft waves is that they can quickly transition to another hairstyle like a half-part up or twist backs.

two// Half Up Braid
This one is super great! I love pulling my hair back into braids. The trick into making it look professional is to hide your braids.

three// Half-up Twist
If braiding isn't your forte there's always twisting. Hide your bobby pins by putting it in the crevices of your twists so they don't show up. Don't open up your bobby pins that way they are stronger.

four// Roll & Twist Updo
Like the twist and braids this one is all about the bobby pin placement. Basically you want to twist your hair then create a bun at the nape of your neck.

five// Braided Updo
I love this one for going out of a formal event. It works out great with my hair because it splits up the massive amounts of hair I have into smaller pieces. You want to bring all your hair back, separate it into three pieces and braid each of those. Then you want to pin up each braid until you like how it looks.

six// Lace Braid Updo
This one looks super complicated but it's actually way easy! You separate your hair into two and lace braid each half. Then you pin up each braid. Keep in mind where you position your bobby pins!

How else do you wear your hair?