Monday, April 25, 2016


Hello Loves,

So lately there has been a new makeup trend called Baking. It is a really cool technique. I saw it online and I have definitely used it many times since then.

This is the first video I saw about baking your make up! I honestly thought it was a joke, but turns out it was a real technique. It is really great because of the way it makes your skin look and your make up looks really smooth. I personally like how it turns out in pictures.

How to do it:

one// apply LIQUID concealer to the areas you normally put it.
two// apply translucent powder or baby powder on the concealer, do not blend it in. Leave a thick coat on.
three// allow the powder to set for approximately 10 minutes
four// using a different, clean brush wipe off the excess powder

It was suggested in the video to do your other make up while you wait for your face to bake. That is, of course, totally up to you! I personally love the way it looks!

Let me know what you think