Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Before Posting (anything!) Ask Yourself.....

Hello Loves!

Technology has come such a long way. I remember freaking out when accidentally opening internet on my little brick like phone and now I'm constantly on the internet on my "smart phone." It is amazing how far we've come in such a short period of time. But with all this quick and easy access comes some steep consequences. We have all become increasingly comfortable with sharing things instantly.

But when you think about it.... are we really safe? Are we putting our best foot forward? Do we realize that once its out there, it is out there forever? These are some huge consequences to our fast paced, instant sharing lifestyle. We all have voices and we all want to be heard. I think that is the greatest part about this social media, we can all give our opinions, create ourselves, and network with the whole world. It is truly amazing. But this also got me thinking..... what should we be thinking about before we post online?

Here's some important things I consider:

Does sharing my location put me at risk in anyway?
Usually I try to avoid sharing my location, my school, and any other large identifying factors. I've found it increasingly difficult, so instead I try to delay my posting so that I may still not be in that area once it is out there. This is incredibly easy with Instagram or blog posts, but it gets difficult with Snapchat. I'd advise when you want to post on Snapchat turn on airplane mode and the post won't go live until you "click to retry". It has been great for me. Remember, personal safety always comes first and there can be some weird people out there!

Do I care if this is offends someone?
I enjoy hearing different people's opinions. As a matter of fact, I'm pretty hard to offend. I know some people are a lot more easily offended than I am. At some point it is impossible to not offend someone. But there is a difference in having an opinion and putting remarks out there that will negatively impact you. This is the primary reason why I stay away from highly controversial topics, it never ends well. Remember there may opposition to what you say, so mentally prepare for that.

Am I posting for the right reasons?
This one is hard to decipher for me. I want to say that I always post for the right reasons, but it is not always so easy. Sometimes we post with a specific audience in mind (subtweeting), we all know when this happens. As sly as you think you are it is always obvious, so maybe next time reconsider.

How would this post affect my future?
I was always told, "if you can't show this to an adult or person you really admire, then don't post it." This is pretty much my rule of thumb. As you are building your personal brand it is important to stay consistent with who you are as a person. You don't want future employers, colleges, friends, or family members to see something that does not represent who you truly are. You can be genuine and real while still considering the implications of your posts.

What do you think about before posting?