Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Studying for Finals

Hello Loves!

Its that time of the year...... FINALS!!! It is always a very stressful time! I know a lot of people stay up really late studying and sometimes forget to eat. While it is very important to study and remain active, get good sleep, and eat healthily, it is finals time which means that studying is in the forefront of everyone's minds. After 8 years of finals, I think I finally got a hang of studying...... Well a little bit anyway. I'm by no means an expert.

one// Pomodoro Method
Basically it is a time management method. It is done in six stages. You start with deciding what task you need to get done, then you set the timer (usually 25 minutes). Work on the task until the time goes off, if something distracts you then write it down and move on. Once the timer goes off you put a checkmark on a piece of paper if you have less than 4 marks take a 3-5 minute break then reset the timer and begin again. If you have more than 4 marks then take a 15-30 minute break, reset your checkmark count then start over. Keep this up until you finish all your work!

two// Notecards
Note cards are incredibly useful tools. Some times I find that they are over used or we spend too much time making them and not enough time studying them. This is why I like using the online version. They are much quicker to use and you can some times find them premade for you. If studying with flashcards is the way to go for you, then start studying early!!

three// Practice tests
A great way to study is to use old tests. If your professor gives you old tests, work on them!! If your friends have their old tests use them to your advantage. The other thing I would say is do the questions at the back of the chapters, professors usually base questions off these. Do as many practice questions as possible. Don't try to guess what will be on the test, just practice and study them best you can.

four// Outlines
Just like flashcards these are double edge swords. Outlines are great study tools, but they can take too long to write. If they are not done during the reading process of the chapter they can actually be really useless. Don't spend your precious time on making outlines if you are short on time. Ultimately making an outline is up to you, just think about it carefully or start really early.

five// Relaxing Music
Studying in absolute silence does not work for me, somehow I get more distracted than with some noise. I like having some low instrumental music while I study. It is the best way for me to concentrate. I usually like putting on pandora and getting on the Enya station. I don't usually read while listening to music, but in all other instances its great to relax me and get into a studying mood.
Harry Potter
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How do you study?