Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Graduation Cap Hairstyles

Hello Loves,

Last week when I was trying to come up with a way to style my hair for graduation, I had the hardest time coming up with ideas. The Internet was shockingly lacking on graduation cap hairstyle ideas. So I decided to come up with my own! These are especially important for grad pictures!!

I ended up going with the half part back, which is really my go to on most days. I think it worked really well for me because I got to pull my hair out of my face. First things first you want to do frizz control, remember that the cap comes off a couple of times and you don't want frizz hair or ends. To that degree dry shampoo is also great for creating some volume.

one// Flip your hair
One simple trick if you're wearing your hair down natural you can part it to one side then when you take off your cap you can flip it to a different part. By doing this flipping you are hiding the hat hair that occurs under the cap. Changing your part is the easiest way to change your hairstyle!

two// Curls
If you have very curly hair, you might want to straighten it out a bit. Get a blowout, give it a bigger curl or wave. Flat hair at the top and too many little curls at the bottom will look a little strange.
If you have straight hair, curl it a little or give it some wave. Any weird hat dents are easier to hide in waves than on completely straight air. Go for a looser curl, tighter at the bottom and looser toward the top. Curl the front away from your face.

French Braided Bangs | CGH Lifestyle

three// Bangs
Bangs always end up looking weird with hats. So I would suggest braiding them back or putting them in a twist so that your bangs don't look like they are glued to your forehead. You can do a lace headband or even bring your hair to the side into a sweeping side braid. 

Happy Graduation!