Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Graduation Dresses

Hello Loves,

Graduation is right around the corner! Sadly for some of us that means it is actually time to leave the nest! While in some aspects I am ready to go in others, I know I'm going to miss this place. It is crazy to think how fast these past four years have gone. I can say that I've had a great time. From football games to girls nights to staying up way too late for no reason to scrambling to finish a paper to lunch dates, I have had the greatest time with some of the greatest people! With graduation comes graduation pictures... which means we need to get a dress!! Naturally, I waited until the last possible moment to get my dress. While I was shopping I came across some great ones of varied prices. Here are some suggestions!

When shopping keep in mind what color your gown is! You want to wear something that somewhat matches with your gown. Enjoy your shopping time! And take a lot of pictures!

What are you wearing?