Monday, May 9, 2016

Mother's Day

Hello Loves,

Yesterday was Mother's Day. I hope you all were able to celebrate with the mother in you life! My sisters and I were able to spend the day with our mom. We started off going to church then we had a quick breakfast. My mom actually does not like breakfast so we went to dinner.

My little sister and I cooked for my mom. I made ciabatta and my little sister made chocolate mousse. We had salmon for dinner with a very nice salad. As a present we always try to get our mom something that she needs but is refusing to get herself! So this year we actually fixed her cracked cellphone screen! My mom really needed it!

We had a very relaxing and quiet Mother's Day. That's exactly what my mom wanted to do. Its hard to plan things because my mom just likes quiet days in. My dad tried to help us plan something, but ultimately we decided to stay in and relax together as a family.

Happy Mother's Day