Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Realistic Ways To Simplify Your Life

Hello Loves!!

Some weeks are just too insane. You know the feeling, when you have too much to do. Too many messages to respond to, too many things calling your attention. You know that feeling when you are just paralyzed by the sheer amount of stuff? I am, also, in need to slow down and simplify my life.

At any given time you probably have comments on Instagram, emails that are waiting, a voicemail, a text, coursework that needs to get down, the blog post that needs to be written, and your desk that should be cleaned off by now. I know. As I sit here writing this I can nod my head in agreement.

Sometime we just need to slow down, trim the excess, de-prioritize the things that don't actually matter, and simplify. Here are some tricks:

one// List every single thing out ever.
Sometimes, when you are overwhelmed, it's not because everything needs to be done right away, it's just that your mind is constantly reviewing and remembering all the things you need to get done. This is where a list or calendar come into play. Sit down and write every single thing you've been needing or meaning to do. Even the smallest little thing. Write it all down so you can get it off your mind. Then post it somewhere visible. Breathe.

two// Go on a deleting rampage
When there's too much crap everywhere, it starts to take up space, like unread emails from months ago and apps that you don't use..... Delete, delete, delete!! Go ahead and unfollow and delete friends while you're at it. Your devices and online life deserve simplicity as well.

three// Declutter
This is probably my favorite part of simplifying!! Creating clean physical spaces will do more for you than you can possibly imagine. I know that when things are overwhelming to me, cleaning out my desk and closet can make a world of difference. I'm talking about that never used bottle of lotion, the bottle of vitamins you don't take, and the papers all over the place. Get rid of it all! Only keep what matters

four//Make a daily 3
I am slowly working on this one. Every night write down the three things that MUST get done the next day in order to feel like you've made progress and feel on top of things. That is the list to go by each day. Something is always happening. You need to learn to step away anyway. Your daily 3 will give you permission to shut down the work when you need to and it will let you focus on where you need to be.

five// Decide
Saying yes to all the phone calls, commitments, coffee dates, and catch up sessions can drain you from very needed "me time". Especially if you're in the midst of a hectic month. For periods of time that you're super overwhelmed you'll have to create boundaries on who you're spending time with. To make that filter easier, make a list of people that you want to spend your precious time with. Whenever you get an invite, assess whether the person is on your priority list. If not, delay until you're feeling more in the zone and relaxed. Just let them know that you are very busy but reschedule to a better time.

When you get overwhelmed with how much you have going on, you've got to get out of your head and into action. It's the only thing that helps the anxiety.