Friday, May 13, 2016

Say You'll Remember Me......

Hello Loves,

Today marks a week of graduating college. It is really crazy to think that I have gotten this far in school and in life. I really can't believe that day came. It feels like its one of those moments that you look forward to for your whole life and so in the moment it just doesn't even feel real. Even a week later it doesn't feel as if I have graduated. I suspect that it will finally hit me when everyone goes back to school and I do not.

So what will I be doing?
As of now I will continue working within the Red Cross. It really is what I love doing. I have worked out of being an intern and now I will be a Volunteer Partner. From here I will be looking for jobs within the realm of non-profits and humanitarian aid. I am really excited for the future. I have been enjoying the work I have been doing so far. After a couple years of working, I would like to get my masters in public health. This is really my goal for now. Wish me luck!!