Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Ways To Start Your Morning on The Right Foot

Hello Loves!

I am a morning person. I know it seems like a rare thing for college students to say, but I like morning. I like having things to do. I like how productive it makes me feel. I just like having the whole morning to myself. I don't like scrambling out of bed to run to class in the mornings. Now that classes are over, I get to enjoy my mornings and really get into my groove. Lately, I've been trying not to sleep in and keep setting my alarm even if I don't have anything to do. Although I haven't been doing a good job about it this past week. It is not always easy to abide by that alarm, but I've gathered some really useful tricks for me.

one// avoid hitting snooze
The best way I found to train myself for this is to use the sleepytime alarm to set your alarm in the morning then to only set one alarm. By only setting one alarm you force yourself to get up at that one alarm and you wake up less tired. Its those little snooze sleeps that make you more tired.

two// let some light in
Letting light into your room will not only nicer to wake up with light, but you will help naturally wake up your body. I personally can sleep in a light room, but the extra light of open curtains really helps me get up in the morning and adjust to mornings.

three// make your bed
I am a huge advocate of this!! I love doing this because it makes your room look nice and tidy. I also really like getting into a made bed in the morning.

four// wash your face
Washing your face in the morning not only helps you wake up, but also makes you feel refreshed. Whether it's just a splash of water or exfoliate this always helps me get my day going.

five// get moving
Morning workouts are really great ways to go. It's hard to get the motivation to get out of bed and get moving, but it really does help getting you awake and going. Some mornings when I have stuff to do, I usually do some stretching or go for a walk. It really is great if you can squeeze it in.

six// check your plans
I hate waking up late and feeling rushed. I, also, hate forgetting something important I have planned and feeling frazzled. Because of this I like to look over my calendar for the next day and writing down my Daily 3. By looking at my planner the night before, it is ready to go in the morning and I already know what's coming.

seven// listen to upbeat music
I'm not a huge music fan (I know, insert disbelief here). But some morning really need a kick start with a little upbeat dance party. Think of those songs that great you happy and moving along. Really dance around and enjoy your little dance party.

What kinds of tricks do you use?