Wednesday, June 29, 2016

West Virginia Bound

Hello Friends!!

On Tuesday I got assigned to go to West Virginia to help the residents that have been affected by the flooding. Since I will be largely without Internet capabilities or time, I will not be able to blog much. Since it was on such a short notice I was not able to set up any posts in my absence. I will try to post some things. I will definitely be posting on Instagram so follow me!! (as you read this I'll be landing in West Virginia)

People can help by donating to Red Cross Disaster Relief to support disasters big and small:
- Visit
- Call 1-800-RED CROSS
- Text the word REDCROSS to 90999 to make a $10 donation

Donations to Disaster Relief will be used to prepare for, respond to, and help people recover from disasters big and small!

Thank you!!

Monday, June 27, 2016

Getting Patriotic

Hello Loves!

I love the Fourth of July! It is a fantastic holiday. I don't think there is anything more American, summer, or happy as the Fourth! Now about 90% of my closet is white and blue, if I had more red I would be ready for this every day. Luckily having little red means that I get to go shopping. They are just a great color combination with endless ways to put the three colors together. After a lot of looking around here are some of my favorite Fourth of July things.

I'm having a lot of difficulty choosing what I want to wear! What do you plan on wearing for the Fourth of July? I think I'm leaning more toward a USA Tank. But I'm not sure. Give me suggestions in the comments.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Tips for Using Dry Shampoo

Hello Loves!

I used to wash my hair every day because of swim practice, then I slowed down and I would wash my hair every other day. Now you need to find a healthy balance for how often you wash your hair. You want your hair to be able to use its own natural oils. Overwashing your hair can be a real problem.

While you are in that intermediate time of washing your hair less and letting your hair adjust to this washing, your hair will have a crazy amount of oil and look greasy. This was the worst part for me. That is when I discovered Dry Shampoo! It was a life savior. I was able to try many different ones until I found the one that worked best for me.

With the extensive search for the best Dry Shampoo for me, I was able to develop a method for applying the shampoo.

You want to make sure that you really put the dry shampoo on your roots. I would suggest sectioning off your hair and spraying your roots and slowly working toward your part line then starting the same on the other side of your part. The sizes of your sections should depend on how oily your hair looks and how much dry shampoo you need to put on it.

Once you've up the dry shampoo in all your hair wait until it is white. Now this sounds counterintuitive, but the white means that the dry shampoo is working! Once all your roots are white use your fingers to blend in the shampoo. Really massage your scalp and roots until your hair is no longer white, but the color it is suppose to be.

Don't forget to put some dry shampoo on your hairline as well. When massaging your hair really focus on your hairline and part.


Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Summer Soulstice

Hello Loves,

Happy Summer!! Can you believe it is already here??

In typically summer tradition, my sister and I took to yoga. The summer solstice is considered World Yoga Day! I love doing yoga and getting together with my community members to do some yoga is just the best way to spend the day. I don't get to do yoga outside very often, so this is a favorite of mine. In the future, I would like to do yoga at Times Square for World Yoga Day.

How can you celebrate summer without stopping by Lilly?? Still in love with their snap filter.

How did you celebrate?

Monday, June 20, 2016

Nail Polish Summer Faves

Hi Loves,

If there is something you absolutely need to know about me is that I LOVE having my nails painted. I love doing my nails, keeping them done neatly and without any chips. Every week, I like to change my nail color. It makes me feel more complete and as if I actually have my life together. It has become a fun thing with my friends to see what color I'll paint my nails each week. My sisters and I are very similar in this way. Luckily, we all have more nail polishes that we could ever want (but we need them all) so I always have something to choose from.

With all the new summer colors, I thought I'd share some of my favorite ones. I've been having a lot of fun with these colors. Can't wait to keep using them this summer.

 Gray Skies
Smith & Cult nail polish in Subnormal, $18

Strawberry Stand
Deborah Lippmann gel lab pro in Great Balls of Fire, $20

It's A Girl
Jin Soon nail polish tint in Blush, $18

Ocean Abyss
Sally Hansen miracle gel in Take the Plunge, $10


Garden Party
OPI in What's the Hatter with you? $ 10

What are your favorite colors?

Friday, June 17, 2016

What to Wear to a Summer Wedding

Hello Loves,

Wedding season is here and in full swing. Just this passed weekend two of the girls in my sorority got married! Figuring out what to wear can be difficult. There are so many factors...from dress code, venue, city, weather, time of day. Even with a dress code in place it can be difficult to decipher. Even a casual wedding is still a wedding!!

one// Keep the dress code in mind
I am not above looking up the meaning of dress codes. Or even asking the bride what she's expecting out of the dress code. Black Tie, Semi-Formal, and Casual weddings are all different types of dresses.

two// Think about the venue
You want to be comfortable when you're at the wedding. It is so important that you are comfortable and you feel like you belong. You don't want to be rocking the same thing to a backyard as you would to a beach wedding.

three// Location, location, location
Each location (state, city, town) has a different vibe and that all plays a role in the wedding and dress option. Doing a little research into the location will give you some more insight on what you might want to look toward.

four// Weather
be prepared for anything! it in the summer it is usually warmer, so keep that in mind. Looking at something that is more airy and free as opposed to something tighter.

What will you wear?

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Four Ways To Feel Like A New Woman

Hello Loves!

I read this article about confidence and how sometimes confidence wavers. It's hard to always feel confident and comfortable in your own skin. I know I don't always have the easiest time with that. I wish I spent more time being confident in myself and not doubting me. Sometimes I just need to give myself a little bit of a pep talk.

I find that some of the confidence wavering comes from falling into a rut. Things get a little monotonous and routine. Now I do love a good routine more than anything, but occasionally I need to shake things up. It is nice to mix things up.

one// Switch up your coffee order
I have my favorite coffee, my go to order, my thing. But sometimes I need a little pick me up. This small, little gesture to myself helps me get excited about my day. I normally make my own coffee at work so then I just pick a different blend or I put in a different flavored creamer. Its just a small little thing like changing your coffee that can really pick up my day.

two// Use a hair mask
I love playing with my hair! It is so fun for me to try a ton of different things in my hair. Hair masks are probably one of my favorite things. Doing the deep conditioning masks is literally so amazing. It always leaves my hair feeling so smooth and my scalp so healthy. I've even been able to make my own with different DIY recipes.

three// Get a massage
I like massages. I usually just get my sisters to give me massages. In college (like a month ago.....) we used to have massages available during finals season and it was ah-mazing (queue the Clique). I really liked the massages. Stress can manifest itself in a physical way. Massages can be a great way to relieve that physical pain.

four// Get new underwear
My mom always said that getting nice underwear is to make you feel good about yourself. I think that is actually so true. From getting a really good bra fitting to nice underwear it makes me feel great. Really good bra fittings can make all the difference! I always have the hardest time getting a bra I like. So I usually just get a bunch of the same ones that I know fit. My little sister just turned me on to getting a good fitting. It really makes all the difference.

What do you do to feel like a new woman?

Monday, June 13, 2016

Purchase Worthy Pieces

Hello Loves!

Summer is in full swing here which means shopping. Now the problem with shopping is that it gets expensive! With all the different trends and cute new lines, it gets difficult to keep up. While I'm not against gravitating toward the trendy food, I don't think it's necessary to break the bank while doing so. I've rounded up some cute, colorful pieces that are under $30. They will be perfect for the whole summer!

What are you shopping for this summer?

Friday, June 10, 2016

Summer Birthdays! {Gift Guide}

Hello Loves,

The majority of people in my family have summer birthdays (me included)! Most of my friends have birthdays in May, so it has been a birthday busy time in my life. Two days ago was my mom and sister's birthday and after a lot of searching and head scratching I have finally come up with some ideas for Summer Birthdays.

I just really like getting things that are useful. If I can't get something that that person will find useful, I want it to be funny or personal to them. That is the best part of finding a present. That moment when you can think "yes, that is them (him/her)." I came up with some ideas that are more geared for summer!


Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Things to Stop Freaking Out About

Hello Loves!

This always happens, tiny freak outs in your mind. Large freak outs to your best friend or family. It's never pretty, lots of concern and usually tears come along. It happens more often than we'd like to admit.

The constant worrying, obsessing, and over-analyzing can really take a toll on life. There is always something to freak out about if we let ourselves. There is always more anxiety to feel. More to question about our lives.

Reflecting back, I wish I had realized how much energy I wasted on little things. I wish I could still pick those apart now and stop my freak outs. It's hard to sit down and think in the moment. Hindsight is always 20/20, so I'm trying to remind myself slowly and gently every day.

What I've learned is that when we become better friends with that little voice inside our heads, and more importantly become a better boss of it, our whole day gets better. Our ability to love ourselves gets easier. and the freak outs get less frequent.

If you're finding yourself in any of these common freak outs listen up:

1. Starting college in the fall - This is one of the most insightful times of your life. It won’t always be roses but it’s exciting. Let yourself enjoy this next chapter.
2. Finding a job - The right one will come. Keep at it. Networking. Connecting. Refining your skills. And getting the right help. Every job is a stepping stone. It doesn’t have to be perfect.
3. Saving money - Do what you can with where you’re at. Even a little bit helps.
4. Booking your vacation - There’s options. You don’t have to book something extreme. Book something that allows you to turn off.
5. Changing your hair - If you feel the urge, do it. Hair always grows back.
6. Being single - You have your whole life to be in a relationship. Enjoy the freedom for now. And keep your standards high.
7. “Looking good” in a bathing suit - No one is looking. They’re all worried about how they look. Enjoy the beach and forget about your belly or thighs.
8. If you made the right decision - Every wrong decision leads you to the right one.
9. Finding your purpose in life - Keep doing. Keep trying. It will reveal itself through action.
10. Losing hair in the shower - Almost always a normal thing. No need to text pictures of it to your mom.
11. A broken phone/computer/charger - It happened. Fix it. And move on.
12. Deciding on a name for your new blog/business/book - Let it go. Turn off the thinking. It will come to you when you relax.
13. Getting all of your work done - In the time you’ve been freaking out about it you could have been getting some of it done. So do something about it. In your control.
14. Breaking that bad habit - Everyone has them. Its OK. You’ll break it when you want to.
15. Being “found out” - You’re competent. You deserve this. Believe that.
16. Moving to a new city - Wild and exciting. Revel in the unknown instead of worry about what’s next.
17. Accidents, like leaving the freezer open overnight - Throw out the ice cream and call it a day. Shit happens.
18. Pimples - Quit picking. Touching. Worrying. Dermatologists can help. But mostly no one even notices so don’t let it ruin that date, day, presentation or picture. You’re beautiful.
19. Getting a text back - You can’t control people.
20. Your emails - If they really needed you, they’d call. It’s never as important as we think. You’ll get to that inbox when you do.
21. Who’s viewing your snapchats - It doesn’t mean what you think it does. Let it go.
22. The election - Vote how you want to vote. Use your voice.
23. Saying the right things - Your words contribute only 7% of what a person remembers of a convo. Think about your energy and body language instead.
24. What could go wrong - Quit stealing from your current joy by fantasizing tragedy.
25. Anything in the future - Not in your control. Ever. Focus on the now and what’s in your power (aka this exact moment).

Remember all of these things are things you cannot change. Why spend so much time on something if you can't change it? It's okay to worry, but you can make it. Slow down, breathe deep, and keep moving forward.
What is on your list?

Monday, June 6, 2016

Chic One Pieces

Hello Loves,

So lately as you have all been seeing in the magazines and among friends, there has been a lot of trends moving toward using one piece suits instead of two. My bathing suits could really use a revamp. I don't think I've gotten new ones in the longest time. Honestly, I'm leaning toward getting one piece suits. I think it will be great to get some one piece suits now. In my search for some one piece suits, I have found some really cute ones.

one | two | three | four | five

Which kinds of bathing suits do you like?
Happy Summer!

Friday, June 3, 2016

Summer Essentials

Hello Loves,

Summer is probably one of my favorite times of year. Everything about it is great (well except maybe the overbearing heat). Summer is the easiest to dress for, you can just throw on a dress and call it a day. With just a couple of dresses and a couple of easy mix and match outfits you can be set for the whole summer!

Others: Straw Hat | Tote Bag

What are your Summer go tos?

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Lazy Beach Days

Hello Loves,

Happy Summer!!! Summer is a great time of year and today is pretty much the beginning of the summer. It is a fabulous time to hit the beach, BBQ, stay out late, and just enjoy the warmth. There are so many great things to do in the summer. We spent this weekend at the beach lounging around of hours.We are going to be going to the beach more often (hopefully gaining a bit of a tan along the way)

I know not everyone gets to hang out at the ocean, but hopefully you have a lake or a pool to lounge next to! Maybe you'll have some fun floaties and enjoy your time. Don't forget to pack your sunscreen.

Are you enjoying the water?