Friday, June 17, 2016

What to Wear to a Summer Wedding

Hello Loves,

Wedding season is here and in full swing. Just this passed weekend two of the girls in my sorority got married! Figuring out what to wear can be difficult. There are so many factors...from dress code, venue, city, weather, time of day. Even with a dress code in place it can be difficult to decipher. Even a casual wedding is still a wedding!!

one// Keep the dress code in mind
I am not above looking up the meaning of dress codes. Or even asking the bride what she's expecting out of the dress code. Black Tie, Semi-Formal, and Casual weddings are all different types of dresses.

two// Think about the venue
You want to be comfortable when you're at the wedding. It is so important that you are comfortable and you feel like you belong. You don't want to be rocking the same thing to a backyard as you would to a beach wedding.

three// Location, location, location
Each location (state, city, town) has a different vibe and that all plays a role in the wedding and dress option. Doing a little research into the location will give you some more insight on what you might want to look toward.

four// Weather
be prepared for anything! it in the summer it is usually warmer, so keep that in mind. Looking at something that is more airy and free as opposed to something tighter.

What will you wear?