Friday, July 1, 2016

Drink More Water

Hello Loves!

Happy Summer!!! Summer is a great time! It is a more relaxing, fun time. We spend more time outside. With more outside time comes more heat and more craziness. I don't know about you but I have a hard time drinking a lot of water. I know that I need to remind myself how important it is. Drinking water has so many health benefits, and I need to really work on that. Maybe we can work together!!

one// Find your water bottle
Finding your perfect water bottle is the most important part of drinking more water! I always have a water bottle with me (not that I always drink water). Do you want a water bottle that keeps things super cold? or something can you can clip? One that doesn't spill? This one is particularly popular at my office.

two// Flavored Water
Some people are not huge fans of the taste of water and I can understand that! Adding some fresh fruit can make all the difference. Making a very simple citrus water with some lemon or lime juice in the water then some slices of lemon or lime or even oranges. It changes up the water!

three// Water Breaks
If you're working in an office like I am, then you know it is hard to get your water intake. I find it easier when I'm outside and it's hot as all hell. In the office you don't feel that need nearly as much. I think it is easy to add your water when you have a schedule. Some people suggest drinking water every time you go to the bathroom.

four// Add Ice
While I normally don't like putting a lot of ice in my sodas (oops) putting ice in your soda helps water it down. Adding ice in different drinks like that, then you can up your water intake without realizing it.

Water Drinking app
five// Set a Water Goal
I have a very competitive streak. I like to set goals for myself and try my best to reach them. Using this app to track your water intake will help you reach your goals. It also reminds you to drink water! All ready for success.

Do you have any tips?