Monday, July 4, 2016

Habits to Adopt

Hello All!

Graduation was two months ago now. While it feels like a distant memory it also feels like it didn't happen. It is hard to find your way after graduation. Part of post-grad life is adjusting to living a more adult-like life. Now I won't even pretend that I'm living an adult life or that I'm doing anything similar to that, but there are some habits that we need to work on, just to be more successful in general!

one//Ask for help
I've slowly had to learn how to ask for help. I am literally the worst at it! Honestly, most times I would rather just not. But when you can reach out to a trustworthy person for advice or a mentor for help it can really change everything. In the long run it can really avoid headaches and long roundabout ways of doing things. Put your pride (and embarrassment) aside and just ask!

You'll be glad you did! Ask for directions. Ask for advice from your parents. Ask for help from your professor or boss. Ask your doctors all the questions you have. Ask away!

two//Saying no and Saying yes
Let me start off by saying that this goes both ways and both can be terrifying and difficult to do. It is important to be able to determine when to say yes and when to say no. Sometimes you have to say yes as a favor, sometimes you have to say no for your own sanity. And that's okay! Just listen to your gut; don't overextend yourself. (And if you do overextend yourself ask for help!)

Know when to say "yes!" to that job interview that scares you. Know when to say "no!" to something that goes against your values. Stay consistent, stay true to you.

three//Asserting yourself
This one is the hardest one for me! I tend to waver or falter, then get really angry with myself for changing my mind when I really did mean what I had originally said. I can be really passionate about things which causes me to say "yes" a lot and when I finally acknowledge I have too much on my plate it is really difficult for me to stick to my "no".

I always end up regretting not sticking to my original gut decision. While sometimes changing my mind can be beneficial there are other times that it would be much better if I could assert what I wanted. This was especially important in group projects. I am usually very quiet, a wallflower if you will, which causes me to step back.

four//Building credit
This is the one thing that I need to do so desperately in my life. If you are not building your credit start NOW. So when you need credit down the line (to buy a house or a car) you have a strong, healthy credit that you have been working on for years. The earlier you start the higher it will be when you need it.

I am not an expert by any means but my (very limited) advice would be to go to your bank and ask a financial planner for help. Don't hesitate to ask them all sorts of questions about things you don't understand (like retirement plans). Assert yourself and get when you want out of your future credit card.

This is a very personal and cultural matter. We each have our own ideas on what we want to tip or what we think is acceptable. The one thing that I always struggle with is having cash on me to tip. For example, having cash for the valet or manicurist. These are the little things that need a couple of dollars. I always have to remind myself to take out cash from the bank just for those purposes!

six//Use what mom uses
As cheesy as it sounds "Mom knows best" but it is so true! She has done all the experimenting and testing of all the different brands out there for all the different things I could ever need. Mom seriously always knows best! So give her a call and ask for help.

seven//Moisturize daily
This is something my sister is really good at! I only seem to remember to moisturize is when I shave or my legs feel super dry. Its a really great habit to start and to do as early as possible. Finding the creams that work best for your skin type and make you feel radiant.

It is never too late to start!