Friday, July 8, 2016

Shopping For Sunglasses

Hello Friends!

I love sunglasses!! I never leave home without a pair. Where I'm from you need them because it is so horribly sunny. They need to be dark and UV protective. Now choosing sunglasses can be very difficult. Just like bodies each face has a different shape. And with all the different sunglass shapes out there, there are different ones that look better on different shapes. Now I am all about choosing the sunglasses that you like best regardless of shape, I find that going in with a shape in mind or at least it helps you get rid of sunglass shapes you don't like.

Oval Face Shape: This means that you can pull off just about any shape of sunglasses. You can off balance the long shape with the horizontal rectangular shape.

Round Face Shape: Characterized by soft, contoured, feminine features, round faces generally have a width and height that are roughly equivalent. There are a lot of great opportunities to show off your style. Try some geometric shapes like horizontal frames, Wayfarers, and rectangular shape.

Square Face Shape: Bold features make you a natural head-turner! Features like a prominent forehead and a strong jawline. Try curvier frames like round, oval, cat eye, butterfly, and semi-rimless to accentuate your eyes. 

Heart Face Shape: This typically means there's a good chance that you have a broader brow and a narrow chin. You can direct attention downward or elongate your look with some light-colored frames, frames with thin temples, or frames with exaggerated bottoms.