Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Hello All!

Vacationing is something we all need to do! We need that time to explore, relax, unwind, and clear your head. It is so important to do that, you learn new things. Not only things about the place you are visiting but also about yourself. Vacations are times of renewal. The only issue is that it can be expensive to travel. That is why Staycations were created!

one//Clear your calendar
Our calendars fill up in the blink of an eye. For a staycation to work you need to have the weekend free of commitment. Clear your schedule, have no commitments, leave the weekend free for yourself. This is your time to relax. You can just turn off your phone and enjoy your time off.

two// Find a cute Bed & Breakfast
Sometimes just a little drive out of town will get you to a cute Bed & Breakfast or a cute little place that will help you escape your daily life. A little staycation would be great to leave the house. Finding something small or a hotel you always wanted to stay at would be a great start!

three// Explore a new place
It is never a bad thing to explore your city or town. Go a little out of town, a little drive away, somewhere completely new in your own hometown. Go on an adventure, drive without direction. You don't need to go far away to be on vacation.

four// Be a tourist
People come visit your city, town, home; go find out why! Go do that incredibly touristy thing, the one you swore you'd never do because it's over priced and a tourist trap. Be that tourist. Fall into that trap. Enjoy your time finding out what the tourists like about your home.

five//Treat yourself
One of the most fun part of vacations is the fact that you are spoiling yourself. You should carry that mindset on your staycation. Do your nails AND toes or finally get that slightly more expensive bottle of wine. Enjoy some more of the smaller things.

six//Bring a friend
Traveling alone can be a great adventure! This doesn't mean that traveling with friends would be a bad thing. It can be a great girls weekend getaway. It gives you time to recharge and reminisce, exchanging old stories and memories.

Staycations, whether you stay at home or you go a couple hours away, can be the perfect antidote to a busy life and hectic schedule. Take care of you and enjoy your fun little gift.