Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Sun Safe

Hello All!

Naturally the first thing I did after West Virginia was sleep then I went to the beach! Now sun safety is hugely important! Does not matter how light or dark your skin is, but what's important is that you are safe and protect yourself from the sun. We are at the peak of summer now. So as we spend more and more days out in the sun, it becomes more and more important to protect yourself! Remember there is no such thing as a healthy tan! Please stay safe. Too many people I know have had skin cancer scares.

one// Listen to your skin
Do not listen to what other people say about your skin. You have to learn about your skin. my family has very fair skin. For the most part we are all very white, very blonde and we get horribly burned all the time. Embrace your skin and all the wonderful thing it does for you! It protects you and it keeps you safe. Sometimes I also fall into the rut of thinking pale skin isn't as beautiful as tanned, but we have to learn to listen to our bodies! The only time I listen to someone else is when there's a mole or it's a dermatologist.

two//Use SPF every day
It is soooo easy to forget to put on sunscreen on every day. And sometimes sunscreen is just a pain. I know I personally am not a huge fan of the smell. A quick way to put on sunscreen every day would be to use moisturizer that has SPF. Just put a little on your face and body before your make up. Or you can use tinted moisturizer with SPF. Don't forget to put some on your ear tops.

three//Avoid peak sun hours
This one is particularly hard to do. Especially in the summer. It feels like everything happens in the peak sun hours. The sun is strongest between 10am and 2 pm. Before heading outside try to do it on the off hours. Go for a morning run or hike or go for a sunset swim!

four//Apply sunscreen naked
This might sound riske but it is the best way of getting all the different crevices. When I put sunscreen on with my bathing suit on, it might shift or I will burn in weird patches. Start at the face and move down the body. This also gives the sunscreen more time settle in.

five//Cover up and stay in the shade
So you're out at the beach or you went to the park and its peak hours, not a cloud in the sky. Seek shade! Cover up. Use a hat, use sunglasses. Sit under an umbrella or under a tree.

six//Don't be fooled
It is easy to be fooled by a cloudy day. But sunburns can still happen when the day is cloudy!

Got any tips?