Friday, July 22, 2016

Sunny Make Up

Hello All!

Summer is a hard time in terms of make up. Between all the outside activities and sun time makeup can just sweat off your face. Normally, I would not wear nearly as much make up over the summer. Its hard to plan activities that are make up friendly. Now I'm normally not a huge makeup wearer to begin with and I'm not even close to being a professional, but I have found a couple of things that I have really enjoyed this summer.

one// Neutrogena Lip Balm
I've liked Neutrogena lip products for a while now. They always leave my lips so incredibly soft and smooth. They're also great because they have SPF protection. It is slightly tinted which makes it great for everyday.

two// Moisturize
Being outside and constantly in the sun can leave your skin dry and flaky. Sometimes it is great to start your entire routine with the moisturizer. I like to also moisturize at night before bed, especially if I had a particularly sun heavy day.

three// Eyeliner
I love wearing eyeliner. It makes such a huge difference in your eyes and face. I think eyeliner can really make your eyes pop. Now I normally keep the black eyeliner for going out at night, for a softer, day look I like to go with a light brown or grey.

four// Dry Shampoo
I LOVE dry shampoo!! It is the best thing to ever been invented. It is easy to use and saves many, many hair styles and hours. I cannot say enough good things. Especially in the busy summer and crazy heat we need some extra dry shampoo.

five// Hair Mist
A great thing about summer is beach hair! Using some of the sea salt spray from Lush, it will help you get some great volume. I personally like curling my hair then using the hair mist as a volumizing spray.

What beauty products do you like?