Friday, August 12, 2016

Bama Bound X3

Hello Friends,

So last week I took off to Alabama again. While it was a planned trip, it feels like a total whirlwind. This is probably because I just got back from West Virginia and I already headed out again. Luckily I love traveling, but man am I tired. I am really looking forward to some quiet time at home.

This was a great trip. A little different from previous years in that we went to visit Auburn before we got to Tuscaloosa. It was truly beautiful. My little sister will be applying to colleges soon, so we were looking at some for her. I can't believe she's already applying to schools!!!

This is my favorite stop along the way. They have the most amazing peaches and tomatoes that were home grown. You can literally see the trees behind the stand.

Since we had more experience in Alabama we had a list of different places we wanted to visit (read: food we wanted to eat) and different things we wanted to do. We moved my sister into her new house (hopefully this will be the last time she moves).

We also had to be pretty handy. We painted, built stuff, cleaned, and moved all her stuff. It was so much fun, but exhausting and ridiculously hot!

Just getting my exercise in?