Monday, August 15, 2016

Building Up Your Wardrobe Basics

Hello All,

One of my favorite parts about going back to school was always Back-To-School shopping. It is really a great time to clean out your closet and pick out your fall basics. These are the clothes that can be worn every day and mixed and matched. They make up a good base to build your closet from. There are a couple of different types of clothes that work for this. Typically nice pants, jeans, white t-shirts, button down shirts, and comfortable shoes really play into this role.

I just find that having a good basics for clothes will really help move my closet forward. It is much easier to shop with basics and still feel like you're not running out of clothes. It is hard to shop for clothes and so expensive especially trying to keep up with trends and styles. With these basics you can just add your personally twist to it!