Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Things to Keep In Your Desk

Hello All,

School is right around the corner and it is kind of horrible. The worst part about being out of school is probably the fact that my desk is in utter disarray. Back-to-School always makes me want to clean up and organize for the coming up time. There are some things that are necessary in your desk to make it useful for your studies. Then it is a matter of staying on top of the organization as the year goes on. I find that when my desk is organized and clean my life is so much more orderly!

There are some things that I just tend to use a lot more at my desk and they are pretty much my go to important desk supplies.These are things that I honestly cannot get through my day without.

one// Stationary
I LOVE stationary! It is wonderful. Not just for sending letters but for to-do lists, notes, and everything in between. It just adds a personal touch to everything you do. Handwritten notes will always be more meaningful to me.

two// Desk Calendar
Obviously I am very obsessed with calendars and agendas. Agendas really help me stay organized, but it is also incredibly helpful to me to see it large on my desk. Having the days and everything clearly written out for me lets me look at everything with perspective. They are also great because they have space for to-do lists.

three// Pens & Pencils
How are you supposed to fill out your calendar without them? I personally love pencils (I know so elementary school of me).

four// Colored Paper Clips
I love colored paper clips! They come in so handy. Its not just to clip things together but also to mark different things on documents or to hold a bunch of important documents in place. Naturally things are color coded.

five// Tape
For whatever reason I use a lot of tape. This is probably because I break a lot of things all the time so I need tape. It seems that every time I sit to do something at my desk I need tape.

What do you have in your desk?