Monday, September 26, 2016

6 Reasons Why We Love Farmer's Markets

Hello All,

Farmer's Markets are my favorite things ever! They are great you can find so many amazing things and its fun to see what people in your community are up to. Here are my list of favorite things about Farmer's Markets.

one// Fresh Produce
This is the best part!! All the fresh fruits and veggies that are in season at the moment. It is great to be able to bite into a fruit or vegetable that is freshly picked. Farmer's Markets give us all the locally grown produce.

two//Artisan Products
From handmade soaps to fresh baked bread it is a perfect place to try all the new things. This is where my sister first tried and fell in love with Black African Soap. Everything is made by people that are experts at making that thing.

three//New Foods
Farmer's Markets have all sorts of new foods you can try! The one I like to go to has gyros, Argentinian food, arepas, vegan food, chia seed enriched food, and all sorts of goodies that make for amazing lunches and snacks.

Along with the fresh produce, farmer's markets offer beautiful plants. My favorite buy at the farmer's market was a tangerine tree seedling. We planted it, watched it grow, and eventually got tangerines.

five//The Ambiance
Farmer's markets are great because of the ambiance. There is music and bustling. You can talk to the vendors or the other people. It seems that the whole environment puts everyone in a great mood.

six//Feeling Of Becoming an Adult

Look at you go! Buying fresh fruits and vegetables? Planning breakfast? Carrying grocery bags and providing for yourself! Props to you, you fully functioning adult, you!

What are your favorite things about Farmer's Markets?