Friday, September 23, 2016

BFF Care Package

Hello All!!

The hardest part about growing up is the fact that everyone at some point or another moves away. If you're like me your best friend lives too many miles away to even count. I miss her like none other and the phone calls, snaps, and texts just don't make up for it. I personally love sending and receiving mail, so I am a huge sucker for letters and care packages. There are so many great things to send your BFF.

one//Cute Clutch
Now you can go ahead and buy a super cute clutch, there's literally so many out there. I personally love this DIY Confetti Clutch. Because my best friend deserves to sparkle while she's out on the town!

essie angora cardi:
two//Nail Polish
My best friend and I have bonded countless hours over our love of nail polish and painting our nails. She finds it very de-stressing and some times when life gets too difficult I know sending her some fun nail polish colors will always help her out.

Brownie Cookies - brownies meet cookies in this recipe that's the best of both worlds!
three//Homemade Cookies
I think we can all agree that homemade cookies are the best things in life! So while you're getting this box of goodies for your bestie why not prepare a batch of her favorite goodies!!

Candles are my favorite things. They help set a relaxing mood, or make your house smell amazing. I truly believe there is no such thing as having too many candles.

Art journal inspiration - embellishment for travel journals / diaries. Maps + polaroid postcards:
five///Cards or Postcards
What a better way to send a message than a handwritten card? I personally love writing cards and sending them. I, also, send postcards a lot. Whether its from somewhere I've traveled or to remind my bestie of home, postcards are a great way to show someone that they're on your mind.

What would you put in your package?