Wednesday, September 7, 2016

How to Actually Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Hello All,

I love my comfort zone. I mean really love it, just thinking about leaving it makes me feel uneasy. Sometimes I think about venturing out and I can almost wish I was one of those people that do venture out and that's when it hit me, in those moments is when you need that extra push. I have been lucky enough to have support from amazing family and friends that always try to push me out of my comfort zone.

Great people do things before they are ready.:

As they always say "magic happens outside of your comfort zone" and man is it true! As much as I wish it wasn't true because then it would be way easier to go after things you want. Getting uncomfortable is part of the deal, I guess. Then you get there and it just feels like freaking out, total anxiety, lots of tears and so many "why am I doing this to begin with" moments.

Getting uncomfortable in life literally applies to every single thing you might ever want. Every goal, desire, wish, new opportunity, future. From new relationships to new jobs to travel to important conversations to learning new skills. Discomfort is the main ingredient for success.

So how do you actually step outside your comfort zone? I have found a couple things useful when you feel ready for a change or need that extra little push.

Pick Something You Really Want
If you want something bad enough, you'll handle anything to get it. Set your focus on something that is totally worth getting uncomfortable for. Having a reason that's bigger than ourselves will keep you going even when discomfort feels uncomfortable.

Jump In
I have tried tiptoeing out of my zone and sometimes that can work, but I find that just going for it can work even better. It can be very useful to just go for it. Go big and do it on a whim. There's a lot of times that I did things and when I get asked how I got started my answer is "I did it on a whim." So listen to your whims and jump in.

Pep Talks
I'm huge on motivational quotes. I like to collect them. I print them out or put them on sticky notes or just write them in my agenda. They are perfect little pep talks for myself. It helps ground you. That even when you are uncomfortable, you're reminded that you are awesome and can do this! So go get writing.

Find a Partner in Crime
Discomfort loves company. There's many things I don't think I would have ever accomplished without really great friends to push me through my discomfort. I've made it through a lot of tough and exhilarating moments because I had my best friends by my side. So if you've wanted to sign up for that improv class or try that new workout class, bring a friend along with you!

Reframe Discomfort as a Good Thing
One of the best things you can do to get out of your comfort zone is to reframe discomfort as a really good thing. Whenever you start to feel a little scared, remind yourself that this is a good thing, bringing you to closer to the  magic. Adjusting your thoughts in this way will be one of the most important things you can do.

Above all remember once you step out of your comfort zone and get through it, you'll be encouraged to keep doing it more and more. Your discomfort is bringing you to new heights. You may even learn to like discomfort because it'll help build so much confidence that you CAN get through.

How do you leave your comfort zone?