Wednesday, September 14, 2016

How to Stay Organized

Hello Loves!

Staying organized is hard enough, it's even harder when your busy schedule keeps you three steps behind where you want to be. I feel like busy comes in cycles. Moments where you are at your peak busy and then when it seems like nothing is happening. It is when we are at our peak that it seems like everything is falling to pieces. That is when we need to stay organized more than any other time. There are a couple things I try to do to stay organized in those crazy moments.

Keep Your Planner Updated
Basically this is my Holy Grail. This is the best advice I can give anyone for basically everything. I live out of my planner. If its not on there then it will not get done. Keeping everything in one place makes it so much easier to know what is going on for that day or week. Write down the times you have important engagements and reference your planner multiple times during the day. I also suggest color coding stuff, so different things pop out to you.

Know When You You Work Best
Although this isn't specific to organization, knowing when you work best will allow you to plan your tasks to ensure that you'll be ready to work when that time comes. For me, that is in the morning. So when I have a lot of stuff to do, I'll take an early bedtime and wake up nice and early just to block enough time to get work done. Mornings is when I am most focuses. Start to discover when that time is for you and organize any meetings or errands around it so they don't interfere with your productivity.

Create a To-Do (and a to-don't) List
One thing I love about my planner is that it has a whole portion each week dedicated just for a to-do list! I can separate it into daily to-do lists or weekly lists. Writing down the tasks you want to accomplish in a day will help you to not forget them and motivate you to get them accomplished. A to-don't list works in the same way. Write down anything that may distract you like online shopping, social media, taking phone calls while working, etc. Having these in a list will hopefully help to keep you accountable and on schedule.

Wake Up Earlier
This is my go-to when I am really busy. When I know that I have a long day ahead of me or I need extra time I'll go to sleep early and wake up early in order to get the most use of my useful time. Extra time in the morning allows you a lot of opportunity to organize and prepare your day before it begins. You can get your coffee, exercise, and get started on accomplishing things.

Take Five
While the candy bar is also a great solution I'm thinking more along the lines of taking five minutes at the start and end of your day solely to put things back into their proper place and tidy up your space. This gives you two opportunities per day to take some you time and to clean up your area. Everything feels better and less hectic when your area is tidy. At the beginning of your day you can make your bed and tidy your room so that you look forward to coming home. At the end of the day you can put all your clothes in their proper place and make sure nothing is piling up.

I'd love to know how y'all stay organized!