Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Teeny Home Upgrades That Make All The Difference

Hello Friends!!

Sometimes you fall in a rut. I know I have in the past and I feel completely uninspired by everything. I found that changing some teeny every day things can actually have a huge impact on getting out of that rut. By updating your living space without a lot of time or money it will be a huge change.

Switch out your light bulbs
I mean sure you switched to the energy-efficient LEDs, but upgrading to a bulb that casts an even tone that can really improve your home's overall glow. Filter out those dull, yellow rays so that colors and patterns in your home really pop!

Replace your pillow sham
Swapping out your neutral hued pillow covers for something bold and bright! Brand new colors can totally change the look of your living room- or bedroom. (BTW end of summer sales are a great time to look for new pillows).

Splurge on a nice throw blanket
New sofas are expensive. But it's easy to add a layer of texture! Whether its wool or faux fur, a new blanket is a great way of showing your sofa some love.

Add in a statement making house plant
You are totally capable to taking care of a fiddle leaf! The large green leaves make everyone think you put a lot more effort.

What would you upgrade?