Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Brunchin' Sundays

Hello Friends!

My friend and I decided to have brunch this weekend. We came up with a menu, did some shopping, and cooked for over an hour. It was SO worth it. We loved brunch so much that we have now planned themed brunches for the next month or so!

After a lot of back and forth we decided on Eggs Benedict and French Toast. We also made some fresh coffee. We did a coffee with frothed milk, cinnamon, and chocolate. 

I personally like my coffee without milk but it is just so amazing with chocolate. It makes it like a mocha. I just put some sugar in my coffee and call it a day. We made the coffee with a French Press. I love Eggs Benedict. They are my favorite breakfast food. It is incredibly difficult to make. We had to learn how to poach eggs. Poaching eggs is incredibly difficult to do. We won't be doing it for a while but it was sooooo worth it!

I LOVE french toast, but I find it so difficult to make. We finally found a delicious recipe and it turned out so yummy. I am so happy that we decided to make it. There is a delicious restaurant around here that makes a nutella stuffed french toast. It is amazing. Hopefully next time we can replicate it. I am so looking forward to our next brunch adventure and seeing what we will make. Next week is Spanish themed :)

Do you like to brunch?