Monday, October 3, 2016

Cat-Sitting Adventures

Hello Friends!

So this past week I was cat-sitting for my glittle. She needed to get her cat out of the University housing to pass room checks. I figured it could be fun to have a cat in the house for the week. And I was so right. We had a couple of growing pains along the way, but we definitely had a great time. I have the best grandcat ever.

Meet Ollie:

He likes to participate in everything I do, which means I had a stalker for the week. He followed me into the bathroom and would sit on the toilet while I brushed my teeth and did my make up. He would lay by the door whenever I walked outside waiting for me to come in.

We took the most amazing naps together, mostly because he keeps me up at night. I finally figured out how to tire him out so he'll actually sleep at night. Hint: bells that double as balls!
He likes to play in his litter box and sit in dust pans. He also likes to take trash out of the garbage bin and play with it. He likes to climb on things and knock everything open. 

He will wake you up when you sleep at night but not when you take a nap. He kicked me out of my bed one night and consistently walked on my face. But all and all he is such a cutie and now I want a cat!
Sadly, the first day he stayed over I learned that I actually have allergies and my face was all swollen the next morning, but antihistamines are life savers and I'd consider staying on them for the rest of my life just to have a cat......