Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Fire Safety Month

Hello Lovelies,

As October comes to a close I wanted to talk about something important that happens in October. October is Fire Safety Month. This is near and dear to me because of my work with the Red Cross. We respond to home fires every 8 minutes across the country. It is very important to teach families and kids about what to do in case of a fire. Just this past weekend 14 people passed away in a fire in Georgia. As the temperatures start to drop we see more fires.

one// Know where to go
As a family, pick a spot to go. A safe place. Somewhere that is far enough away that is safe but also somewhere close by to find. That is where you go when the alarm goes off and so you know everyone is safely there.

two// Check your smoke alarms
Test the alarms about once a month. Test them when people in your house least expect it that way they can really hear it. Make sure they all have batteries and work.

three// Do your drill
Practice getting out of your house in less than 2 minutes. Practice using secondary exits.

If you want to become a volunteer and help us reduce the amount of death and damages by home fires please click here

Have you practiced your safety?