Friday, October 21, 2016

Halloween {Party Planning}

Hello All!

A couple of weekends ago my Junior League provisional group threw a Halloween Party. The group that my party threw was for our philanthropy. We support a transitional housing for women and children that are escaping abusive or harmful situations. For that reason I was not able to take pictures of the party and the fun things that we did.

We had a lot of fun planning it. For starters we needed to get some booths and activities going. We had face painting, "pin the spider on the web", painting masks, dance parties, "count the cuties", create your own smoothie, and guess what's in the Black Box. 

We made all of the activities ourselves and decorated the whole place. We had black, white, and orange streamers everywhere. We blew up balloons and hung them from the columns. We also made a very fun photo booth with black fringe and a sign that said "Happy Halloween." The kids loved posing in front of it and using all the Halloween props to pose. 

We also had a costume drive so all the kids could pick their own costumes. The little ones automatically wore their new outfits. My little girl put on Anna from Frozen's dress. She insisted on being called Anna the rest of the day. Then we all go face paints.

The most fun part about it was that we could all do this ourselves. We had women stationed at each booth to help the kids. One woman did all the face paints with a kit from Target. We made the other activities so they could play. With the best Halloween playlist we had an epic dance off. I think all in all it was a great Halloween Party.

What are you doing for Halloween?