Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Personal Days

Hello Friends!

Lately I've found myself in a funk. An overworked, tired human funk. You know those moments, when you are just too tired so you get unmotivated and everything is just blah. You're in that funk. In these moments you need a personal day! Sometimes full days aren't possible so we need to take small steps to help us get out of that funk.

Sometimes it is as little as doing a couple of things that make you feel better. Other times it might be taking a full day off just for yourself. The funk can be deep and it could take a couple of days to feel refreshed and like yourself again.

one// Day Off
Actually plan activities to do. Either plan a day in with yoga, a mani pedi, tea time, or anything else that makes you feel relaxed and better. I personally don't like leaving my house, but I make it a point of getting out of my pjs so I feel better.

two// Go Outside
If it's a walk around the block, heading to the beach, or just sitting in the sun the outdoors can do wonders. The outside has all the healing powers and really helps clear your head. It can be a game changer to head outside and enjoy the day.

three// Treat Yourself
Personally I go for the ice cream and chocolates. Or chocolate ice cream! It can just be that one bowl that lets you focus on your own thing and enjoy the moment. Go get good ice cream with a friend and just enjoy that moment.

four// Tech Detox
Technology can really bog us down sometimes. It can be all the notifications, emails, constant communication all the time that can really push us down. Just turning off the technology and doing something else can really help clear your head. Put down the phone for 60 minutes and see what happens.

five// Read a Book
Whether its a book you are reading now or something you've been dying to pick up, just go for it. Set that time aside for yourself. Get lost in the new world that comes with the story.

six// Set the Mood
Pick up some flowers, light some candles. Do whatever makes your area feel cozy and comfortable. Do laundry so your sheets and clothes smell fresh when you put them on again. Clean your space up, declutter. I find that decluttering and cleaning helps me feel refreshed and less stressed. My mom always says that your space clutter is a representation of how you feel about your life.

seven// Cook a Meal
I personally hate cooking. Occasionally when I'm in a funk I have a craving for cooking. At times it's just baking something brand new or experimenting with new cuisine types. It can be relaxing to let loose in the kitchen.

What do you like to do?