Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Carry-On Packing Tips

Hello Friends!

I love, love, love to travel but I refuse to waste a single moment and cent on checking luggage. I don't want to waste time at the baggage claim no matter my destination. No matter where I'm going or how long, I see it as a challenge to pack everything I need in a single carry-on suitcase and a bag that fits under the seat in front of me. Of course that does not always happen, but I try by best.

My biggest piece of advice would be to plan out your outfits in advance. Even if it makes you feel like you're prepping for first day of high school, it's such a helpful way to get organized. I find that having outfits planned out you can pick outfits that mix and match. I try to create as many complete outfits out of just a couple of tops and bottoms. I typically pack twice as many tops as bottoms.

My second piece of advice is to pack your pajamas first so they're at the bottom of your suitcase. This might sound strange since it'll be the first thing you use, but it forces you to unpack completely. I can hang what needs to be hung, and put away the other items on a surface in the room. Unless I'm staying long enough to actually put everything in drawers. Its also a good way to avoid excessive wrinkling and remember what you packed in the first place! Also try to minimize the number of bags and shoes I bring as these take up the most space in a suitcase.

I think it is a good idea to travel in a pair of shoes you'll want to wear on your trip and then pack any additional pairs in your suitcase. This is hard to do if you're traveling from a warm to cold destination or vice versa but it definitely saves space if you're trying to make cuts. The best way to have extra space is not to use it up with clunky shoes.

How do you pack?